At Pleasant Meadow Creamery, use a Tubeline TL1000R bale wrapper for wrapping haylage bales.

Information on this particular wrapping machine can be found at

This post links our two-part video series on how we prep the Tubeline for wrapping, and then wrap the bales.

We have been wrapping bales for at least several years, and the cows love the feed it produces. Furthermore, wrapped bales are easier to store, since they can just sit outside on the ground no matter the weather.

When it is time to use a bale, we just pick it up with a bale spear, lift it a couple of feet off the ground, and cut the opposite side of the wrapper from the spears in a “+” pattern. We then pull the plastic back off the end and drop the bale on the ground on its end. We pull the plastic completely off and then start unwrapping the net wrap. We leave just a couple layers of net wrap on the bale and transport it to the bale feeder.

After dropping in the bale feeder, I jump on top of the bale and finish the unwrapping of the net wrap from the top. Usually the cows are already trying to tear into it at this point.

One of my favorite scenes in life is standing on the top of a bale completely surrounded by cows. I love looking down on them happily munching.

If you own cows and make hay, we highly encourage you to consider wrapping haylage bales.