Raw Milk Benefits


There are many raw milk benefits over pasteurized and homogenized milk.

Raw milk is milk as it comes out of the mammal that produced it.  We machine milk our cows.  Immediately after milking, the raw milk goes through a filter and cools to below 40 degrees in a bulk refrigerated tank.  We then bottle it without pasteurization.

There are many benefits to not heating the milk.  The proteins and enzymes are whole and active.  They are undamaged.

We do not homogenize the milk.  Homogenization is a process whereby milk is forced through a mechanical screen with pressure to re-shape the fat globules. Homogenized milk does not have cream at the top.  Our milk always has ample cream at the top.  You can mix it back in by shaking the bottle at each use.

PBS Food Forward Program on Raw Milk

PBS did a very high quality program for Food Forward on raw milk and milk products.  This is a long video, but is well worth watching!

Food Forward – Modern Milk

CDC Warning

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn that raw, unpasteurized milk may contain harmful bacteria. Pregnant women, children, the elderly and persons with lowered resistance to disease have the highest risk of harm from use of unpasteurized products.

In light of their warning, and their impeccable reputation for dispensing accurate health advice without undue outside and political influence, we encourage you to use discretion when choosing raw milk and raw milk products for your consumption.

15 thoughts on “Raw Milk Benefits

  1. I have been lactose intolerant from the time I was a baby. I would get a terrible stomach ache. If I were to drink/eat raw milk products will I still get the stomach ache? I am now 77 and never drink milk but do eat a tiny bit of cheese. Even goat cheese bothers my stomach.

  2. I have witnessed the benefits of high quality raw milk in a number of cases. Several friends got over purported lactose intolerance and other gastro-intestinal issues. Keep up the good work!

  3. Just read about everything I could on your site and my how enlightening it is to be able to finally have access to raw milk right at my local store!! And your cows are being treated in the most natural way possible. Please never stop, you guys are amazing!

  4. Im obsessed with your milk and own property by Springy Point off Lakeshore.. Iwe own a small petfood company and I’m obsessed with high quality foods coming from great stewardship. Halfway through ready your stories I was excited to believe I could buy land near you and help with overflow.. then I read your challenges and thought I better wait till I find a man to help me. WOW..WOW..& WOW — NEVER COMPROMISING YOUR GIRLS IS WHAT IMPRESSED ME THE MOST- (and your values & interprets of course)
    Do you know a small nongmo farm I could possibly source ‘approximately’
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    Passionate woman,
    Jeannie O’Donnell
    (949) 637-4994

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