Raw Milk Benefits


In late 2019, we will offer vat-pasteurized glass bottled Guernsey Goodness so our milk can be shipped to Spokane to satisfy a thirsty crowd for organic, grass-fed, Guernsey products.

For those who enjoy our unpasteurized products, there are many raw milk benefits over pasteurized and homogenized milk.

Raw milk is milk as it comes out of the mammal that produced it.  We machine milk our cows.  Immediately after, the raw milk goes through a filter and cools to below 40 degrees within an hour.  We then bottle it without pasteurization.

Raw milk has the benefit of not having been heated.  The proteins and enzymes are whole and active.  They are not damaged by heat.

Our raw and vat-pasteurized milk is not homogenized.  Homogenization is a process whereby milk is forced through a mechanical screen with pressure to re-shape the fat globules. Homogenized milk does not have cream at the top.  Our milk always has ample cream at the top.  You can mix it back in by shaking the bottle at each use.


Raw milk has some benefits over pasteurized milk, some of which are covered in the following links:

Summary Article by Dr. Mercola on Raw Milk Benefits

The following article by Dr. Joseph Mercola provides a great summary of benefits.


Interview with Chief Executive of largest raw milk dairy in California

Here is an interesting interview by Dr. Mercola of the chief executive of Organic Pastures, a large raw milk dairy in California:


The Devil in the Milk

Here is an interesting article about raw milk versus pasteurized and homogenized milk on Mercola’s website:


PBS Food Forward Program on Raw Milk

PBS did a very high quality program for Food Forward on raw milk and milk products.  This is a long video, but is well worth watching!


CDC Warning

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn that raw, unpasteurized milk may contain harmful bacteria. Pregnant women, children, the elderly and persons with lowered resistance to disease have the highest risk of harm from use of unpasteurized products.

In light of their warning, we encourage you to use discretion when choosing raw milk and raw milk products for your consumption.