Raw Milk Benefits


There are many raw milk benefits over pasteurized and homogenized milk.

Raw milk is milk as it comes out of the mammal that produced it.  We machine milk our cows and the milk goes through a filter and cools to below 40 degrees within an hour.  We then bottle it and distribute it.

Raw milk has the benefit of not having been heated in a process called “pasteurization”.  This allows the proteins and enzymes to be whole and active, as they are not damaged by high heat.

Raw milk is not homogenized.  Homogenization is a process whereby milk is forced through a mechanical screen with pressure to re-shape the fat globules such that they no longer rise to the top.  Homogenized milk does not have cream at the top, versus our milk, which always has ample cream at the top.  It can be mixed back in by shaking the bottle, and will continually return to the top.

Between pasteurization and homogenization, we believe the worst process is homogenization, as it is simply pointless.  It likely was created to produce a uniform looking product on store shelves, and otherwise provides no value whatsoever.  More importantly, by changing fat shape, it likely has a damaging effect on those that drink it.


There are many raw milk benefits over pasteurized and homogenized milk, some of which are covered in the following links:

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