24 Jul

Kootenai County Mask Mandate

Mask Mandate Passed

On July 23, 2020, the Board of Directors for Panhandle Health District approved and issued an mandatory mask order for all persons in Kootenai County, presumably visitors and residents. Therefore, there is now an active Kootenai County mask mandate.

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Our Position On Masks

At Pleasant Meadow Creamery, as raw milk dairy farmers, we tend to go against the grain.  We’ve invested our lives into building our organic, raw milk Guernsey dairy, and have been blessed to be in 6 retail stores in Kootenai County.  

The CDC says our product, raw unpasteurized milk, is dangerous and has a very extensive website built around the subject.  We obviously don’t agree with them, as we know that raw milk is both good for people, and can be produced in as safe a way as any other food product.

We have personal convictions about governmental mandates and personal responsiblity that favor personal responsibility and liberty over governmental mandates in every area of our lives, even public health. 

Furthermore, we do not believe the science backs masks working as a deterrent to virion transmission, particularly cloth masks worn by the general populace without any personal protective equipment training, sanitation, and discipline.  We have created a post linking the various studies we have read on the subject here:

Masks Don’t Contain Virion

Faulty Use of PPE Creates Problems

Speaking of use of personal protective equipment, (PPE), we have documented evidence that not even the governor of Idaho, Brad Little, nor Anthony Fauci, the president’s advisor, properly observe exercise of sanitary PPE practices.  These screen grabs are from just the last couple of days.  The governor hands his mask off his ear, handles it with his fingers touching the inside of the mask, and just generally does not follow good PPE protocol.

Anthony Fauci, likewise, violates proper mask protocol. Here, he is hanging the mask below his chin having contaminated the mask with his hands, and now on his dirty and contaminated neck.

If these two guys can’t get it right, how is the general public supposed to?

The World Health Organization has produced two videos on proper mask etiquette/handling – one that is for surgical style masks, and the other for cloth masks.  Note the surgical style are to be disposed of immediately after use, while the cloth ones require copious hand washing with alcohol based sanitizer even to touch the thing:

WHO Surgical Mask

WHO Cloth Masks

Centura Health did a very interesting video showing how easily your common person is going to contaminate their mask:

Contaminating the Mask

Finally, we think you would find this video by Patrick Bet-David very interesting.  He covers all of the above and just some common-sense practicality in regards to masking.

Face Masks – Helpful or Hoax?

What does all this mean?

We care that our customers can get our milk and make choices in what they eat and how they live there lives.  We trust our customers are like us – intelligent and responsible – and that they care for their neighbors as themselves.  We trust them to make right choices in regards to masking or not and think the choice should be theirs, and not government’s.

We also do not think health boards should have the power to make otherwise law-abiding citizens suddenly criminals subject to misdemeanor charges with penalties including fines up to $1,000 and significant jail time.

Further, we care about law enforcement officers and the conundrum they are now put under with such mandates, including their own personal convictions on the subject, but now having to be put in the position of having to arrest otherwise good citizens of our counties.

We listened to the entire Panhandle Health Board hearing and we found the physician, nurse, and Kootenai Medical Center officers skewed the data and ramifications to sway the vote.  The public was given little consideration, and the mandate was passed.

The mandate itself is vague and poorly written.

Lawsuit and Temporary Injunction

We have therefore agreed to work as plaintiffs with two very liberty minded attorneys in our area to file suit against appropriate parties seeking temporary and permanent injunction against the mandates.  The end result, if successful, would allow an otherwise free people to be able to make their own health decisions without fear of criminality.

It will allow us to make our milk deliveries to Kootenai County without fear of criminality and prosecution, since we choose not to mask.  We respect your right to mask if that is what you want to do, and we do not have a negative view of that choice.  It’s yours to make.

To enter this fight, and because the attorneys we will be retaining have already been busy in the whole COVID era, many times working pro bono, we want to be sure they can be compensated adequately to fight.

We are therefore establishing a WonderWe fundraiser and ask all liberty-minded, freedom-loving Idahoans give to the cause.  A $100 donation would be amazing from each and eveyr person as we are going to need $25,000 to enter the fray.

Our intent is to prepare a lawsuit this weekend with filing on Monday so we can get a hearing next week on the temporary order.

Won’t you please join us in the fight?  To donate, please click this link:  


20 thoughts on “Kootenai County Mask Mandate

  1. Amen and I pray that God continue to bless you, your family and your lovely girls (cows). God, Country, Family and Freedom first and foremost. Blessings!

  2. Thank you so much for taking a stand on this and being willing to fight for liberty and against tyranny. God bless you guys!

  3. I got home from work a little while ago and sat down to check my email. I had one from the office of Representative Heather Scott (whom I admire greatly) with thorough details of the current freedom crisis in our state. I used the link she provided for this page because it aligns with my thoughts. I have considered how I might bring a lawsuit against our Governor for his abuse of Office, and I believe you are already on the right track, therefore I hope my contribution is the one that helps make it so. Thank you for the thoughts you shared on this page, and thank you for your Patriotism and effort in this case!

    • Daniel, thank you very much for the encouragement and contribution and we appreciate Heather also and are glad you heard of this through her email.

  4. Thank you for your efforts! We fully support this lawsuit and have made a donation. We were trying to figure out how we could do it ourselves here in Bonner County against the library system that has refused the use of the library unless masked even though it is a publicly funded entity but just do not have those kind of resources alone. We know panhandle health is trying to get a mask mandate passed for Bonner and Boundry Counties and if the suit in Kootenai can set a precedent as to the illegality of the mask mandate it could help us here. It might also set a precedent when it comes to them illegally mandating any and all vaccines in the future which we know is the next step in their tyranny towards all Americans.

    • Thank you for your comment. We wrote an email to the library board because they were going to end up violating the Idaho statute regarding open meetings if they had proceeded with their meeting today. They ended up postponing the meeting and are going back to curbside service beginning tomorrow for everyone, and of course are going to try to make the great unmasked look bad. We fully agree with you and appreciate your support!

  5. I am forwarding this Blog post and printing it to disperse to every one I can in Oneida County. We too are very concerned about the infringement on our liberties using deception and propaganda. We will help in any way we can. We would love to join this LAWSUIT! I will also inform my brother to review this entire issue as he is a prominent attorney in Chicago with a large firm. Perhaps he can offer some information or assistance. I say AMEN! to all of your points as they are valid and thus, vulnerable to attack.

    • We have received a filed answer to our petition from the attorney representing the health district. They are going to fight and not capitulate. So, my attorneys are working on next steps, which were already planned as the answer was what we expected. I do not know that any temporary ruling is possible.

  6. Paul I have made a donation and would also like to contribute in other ways please let me know where you need help. I am committed to this fight and greatly appreciate you and your team taking the initiative and lead against this unjustified totalitarian mandate. It’s time for this to STOP!

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