25 Jul

Lawsuit Funds Needed

Lawsuit funds needed.

Pleasant Meadow Creamery is teaming with Angelo Brunson/Angelo’s Ristorante and Dan Schnatter/NYC Piano Bar and great lawyers Colton Boyles and Nathan MacPherson and Scott MacPherson to sue for your right to make your own health choices for you and your family.

We believe in health freedom and in food freedom. There is no food freedom without health freedom, and no health freedom without food freedom.

We believe in choices, not mandates.

Please consider donating funds. The more people who donate even a little will add to a lot.

Please watch this video to learn more.

Donate at


You may also donate using Paypal using paul@herndoncpa.com as the recipient.

Or – if you want to donate the old fashioned way, you may mail a donation to:

Pleasant Meadow Creamery

222 Otts Basin Rd

Sagle, ID 83860

4 thoughts on “Lawsuit Funds Needed

  1. I will be Happy to Donate on payday, till then I will be sharing this and spreading the good news that you all are standing up to the Tyrants.

  2. Thank you for fighting for us! I’m in CDA. Please let me know if I can be of assistance in this fight. I am a decent researcher/writer and want to help!

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