20 Mar

Just Breathe – COVID19

Folks – the Guernsey Goodness keeps flowing at the same rate as it was, despite a virus. The stores will remain open, and the Guernsey Goodness will be delivered to stores 4 days per week, no matter what.

We will not be selling to people from our farm if they were previously getting it from stores. Those stores are open and deserve your business. They are our partners, and perform a critical function for us. We are grateful for them. They get the milk close to you. We have enough to do just taking care of the land, the cows, bottling the milk, and getting it to the stores, without also having to be involved in every single transaction of getting it into customer’s hands, although we appreciate each and every customer who enjoys Guernsey Goodness.

So please – take a deep breath – and don’t make a run on the stores. It is making it incredibly difficult for them to backfill product when people make a run on it, and it is impossible for us to back fill Guernsey Goodness if people are hoarding it. We can only make so much per day, and we were actually matched perfectly supply to demand before the “pandemic”.

So, take a deep breath – and watch this video:`

4 thoughts on “Just Breathe – COVID19

  1. Will pray for you and the family, Paul. You’re obviously meeting a big need and your customers understand just how valuable your product is. Thank you for the inspiring video.

    In Christ, Steve Plog

  2. I CANNOT wait to try your milk today. We are so happy to find raw milk, in glass containers in Hayden. Blessings.

  3. We LOVED it! Made the best homemade ice cream. Will definitely be our go to for our milk from now on. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

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