Glass versus Plastic milk bottles

Glass versus plastic milk bottles

Pleasant Meadow Creamery will always bottle only in glass jars, and never in plastic.



We are blessed to have choices in north Idaho for milk.  A consumer can find raw goat’s milk in plastic, raw goat’s milk in glass, and our milk, to name a few.  We will always bottle our milk in glass because glass is simply a better container for milk.

Glass is inert compared to plastic when it comes to flavor.  Let’s face it, plastic is made from hydrocarbons – not fit for human consumption certainly – and leaches a certain amount of it’s material into the flavor of the food contained therein.

Raw milk, by its nature, is perishable and susceptible to contamination from its environment.  Why bottle in plastic, which taints the flavor, when one can bottle in glass, which is inert and does not in any way negatively affect the flavor or composition of the milk?

There are  many good dairies in the Pacific Northwest that produce good raw milk.  Unfortunately, most bottle in plastic.  The number one reason they claim to do so is cost. Yes, glass costs more, and because of that, we naturally have to charge a deposit on the jars in order to get some back and cover the cost.

Then there is weight.  A whole truckload of glass jars loaded with milk can quickly push a truck above commercial minimums, forcing dairies to pay drivers more for having a commercial license.

Then there is breakage.  If you drop a glass bottle, yes, it likely will shatter.

Lastly – all those plastic milk jugs go to the land fill.  Our glass bottles come back to us, get a sanitary wash, and get reused over and over.

Finally, there is bottle washing.  A bottle washing machine for the type of bottles we use is $10,000, and we must amortize the cost over the milk produced.

Despite the cost, the weight, the breakage, etc., we still bottle in glass because glass bottled milk simply tastes better and is better for you.  Sample our milk next to the rest.  Yes, taste is subjective, but we are confident you will agree our choice is a great one.

Enjoy your glass-bottled grass-fed A2A2 Guernsey Goodness Idaho raw milk from Pleasant Meadow Creamery!