Certified Organic Transition

Pleasant Meadow Creamery has made the decision to undergo Certified Organic transition in 2019.


For many years we have fed the ladies certified organic kelp, certified organic no-corn, no-soy grain at milking time.  We have managed our fields without the use of any chemicals.

We’ve been in the dairy business long enough now to realize that all of our cow health problems are able to be dealt with either through homeopathic remedies, or allowed drugs.  Over the years, we used antibiotics all of two times.  In one instance they didn’t help.  In the other instance, we used them for calves that were purchased and transported across country – a very stressful event for calves.

We no longer purchase cows or calves now that we have a big enough base of our own cows.  We’ve found (through God’s grace), we’ve produced a very healthy crop of our own heifers.

Feed and Bedding

Our biggest issues were winter feed and bedding when it comes to certified organic.  We used to use wheat straw for bedding.  It was not certified organic and was relatively expensive.  This year, we’ve made the transition to using planer shavings from a local sawmill.  There are zero chemicals in planer shavings.

We never had enough hay or the equipment to produce all of the hay we need.  Thus, we always had to purchase hay.  However, last year and this year we procured all the necessary equipment.  This year, we obtained an additional base of acreage that allows the almost 6 months of grazing we have been doing, and allows us to produce all the hay and haylage we need  for our growing herd.  We will have enough hay next year to sell sufficient quantities of true organic hay to our local community.

Weed Control

We have always controlled weeds using hand pulling, chickens, turkeys, and encouraging competition.

Many farmers say they do this stuff, but then go spray weeds or use conventional fertilizer when it comes right down to it.

Many farmers claim to be using “organic” or “beyond organic” practices, but until they certify, you as a consumer are never really sure.  There is no accountability or verification that 100% of that farmer’s practices are pure.

Despite issues with the Certified Organic label by some bad actors, we believe it is still the best assurance out there that you and your family are getting the most wholesome and healthful product.

We look forward to completing all the paperwork and inspections necessary to label our product as such to give you assurance or our practices.  Look for that to happen by the middle to end of 2019!